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- 04/04/2018 10:32:08

Thank you so much for your message. I am very honoured and grateful to hear that you and your friends and collaborators will be looking at The City & The City. I firmly believe that writers do not necessarily have any privileged insight into their own books: I have learnt a great deal about the things I’ve written from readers’ responses. It has been very exciting and humbling to know that that book in particular has, for a whole variety of reasons, connected with people from extremely different backgrounds and places in complex and gratifying ways. I hope very much that you, and everyone involved in the book club, enjoys the book. And if you don’t enjoy the book, then I hope that you enjoy not liking the book! One of the great advantages of book clubs is that in the pleasure of the discussions, even when they are negative, they give us an opportunity to enjoy not-enjoying a work. But of course, in my heart, I hope that the pleasures are more immediate! 
Thank you for the honour you do the book, and with my best wishes and gratitude,